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Here you always find the current version of the manuals.


Sd.Kfz.234/3 *NEU* Sd.Kfz. 234/3 Manual 0.5 MB
Sd.Kfz. 234/3 Manual
PUMA_11_e.pdf *NEW* PUMA Important Information 1 MB
PUMA Important info V11e
PUMA_11_e.pdf *NEW* PUMA_11_e.pdf 12 MB
Manual Version 1.1e
Fusion_Puma_english.pdf *NEW* Fusion_Puma_eng.pdf 1 MB
222_E_10.pdf 222_E_10.pdf 5299 KB
Manual Version 1.0e
223_E_10.pdf 223_E_10.pdf 5176 KB
Manual Version 1.0e
Aetzteilsatz_XION_SdKfz_02.pdf Aetzteilsatz_XION_SdKfz_02.pdf 274 KB
Manual for etched parts (german only)
Bst22X_en_1_0.pdf Bst22X_en_1_0.pdf 267 KB
Manual Version 1.0e
KKrad_Manual_E_11a.pdf KKrad_Manual_E_11a.pdf 3257 KB
Manual Version 1.1
!KKrad- manual-change01.pdf !KKrad- manual-change01.pdf 330 KB
changes to the manual!
KKrad_Booster_E_1.1.pdf KKrad_Booster_E_1.1.pdf 340 KB
Manual Version 1.1


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